Woodley Farm, Alma Lane, Upham.

We hereby submit this application for a Certificate of Lawfulness in recognition that the unauthorised operational development described herein, being the dwelling house, garage, driveway and access at the above address that were substantially completed more than four years prior to the date of this application has rendered the aforesaid unauthorised operational development immune from enforcement action, and thereby lawful in entirety without the imposition of any planning conditions, including the agricultural occupancy restriction imposed upon Woodley Farmhouse under Ref:  W/5725/5 dated 03/11/1986.

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If you wish to make a comment on this application, please remember that this needs to be made before the closing date and direct to the planning authority (South Downs National Park or Winchester City).

You may also copy your comments to the Parish Council if you would like us to know of them when we make our own comments on the application.

Please be aware that telling us your views will not automatically mean that they have been passed on to the planning authority.

Please contact: Mrs A Collins, Clerk to Upham Parish Council

Tel: 01489 – 860236