Land south of Clevedon Cottages, Alma Lane, Upham

Erection of 3 no loose boxes (stables), tack room and feed store.  Access gate to the land from Alma Lane (unclassified road).  Hardstanding surrounding the stable block providing personal parking (max 2 cars, 1 horse trailer), turning space and access for the removal of horse manure.  Due to the wet/boggy nature of the land, permission also sought for the installation of an exercise/turn out area adjacent to the stable block.  We have recently acquired this parcel of land from the neighbour (to the south) who already has a stable block and has used the land for the grazing and exercising of horses for some years (ref:  planning consent 04/00101/FUL).

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If you wish to make a comment on this application, please remember that this needs to be made before the closing date and direct to the planning authority (South Downs National Park or Winchester City).
You may also copy your comments to the Parish Council if you would like us to know of them when we make our own comments on the application.
Please be aware that telling us your views will not automatically mean that they have been passed on to the planning authority.

Please contact: Mrs A Collins, Clerk to Upham Parish Council
Tel: 01489 – 860236