Meeting Report, Monday 28th June

Upham Parish Council held their Monthly Parish Council Meeting on Monday 28th June, 2021 virtually due to the coronavirus emergency which meant that a Public Meeting was not safe to hold in Upham Village Hall, but it was in the best interests of residents to continue to hold a Meeting.  Cllr Halsall (Chair), Cllr LeMay, Cllr Croucher, Cllr Snowdon, Cllr Dalley, County Councillor Humby, District Councillor Lumby and Mrs Anne Collins (Clerk) were involved in the Meeting.  Apologies were received from Cllr Ashe and District Councillor Ruffell.


Cllr Snowdon updated Councillors on the progress made with the landscaping, gateway signs and highways improvements along the Winchester Road.  Wild flower areas are proposed to trial along this stretch of road.  Cllr Dalley is still pursuing quotes for bus shelter replacements along the Winchester Road.  Road name signs are being proposed for locations in Shoe Lane, Church Street and Queen Street.  Clerk reported that a second Speed Indicator Sign has been ordered to use in various locations in Upham.  Cllr Snowdon and Cllr Dalley are looking for volunteers to help monitor the SID signs.  Cllr Snowdon, Cllr LeMay, the Clerk and residents met with HCC Flood Management Team officers and walked the areas at the lower end of Upham Street which have regular flooding issues.  A Report is being prepared by the officers and will be sent to the Clerk when completed.  CC Humby offered to help and liaise where he could. 

Flooding at Torbay Farm

DC Lumby is still following up the issues at Torbay Farm where it appears that Sovereign Housing are not engaging with WCC so further letters will be written to try and resolve the flooding issues.

Village Pond

Freya Green is meeting with Steve Comley to discuss the grass maintenance required.

Climate Change

The Clerk and Cllr Dalley attended a Climate Change Webinar provided by WCC.  Each parish was given a Carbon Footprint and will shortly be given a carbon calculator which can be used to reduce carbon in the parish.  Action Days are planned for the Autumn to keep parishes involved in trying to reduce their carbon footprint.

Hampshire County Council

CC Humby gave an Update on the Lead Officers at HCC.  CC Humby is still the Deputy Leader and he will continue as Lead for Economy, Transport and Environment.  He will also have 2 other Councillors working with him in Highways Operations and Climate Change/Environment.  CC Humby encouraged everyone to give their views on the consultation for Balancing the Budget which runs from 7th June to 18th July.

DC Ruffell and DC Lumby sent a June, 2021 Report to Councillors prior to the Meeting.  In addition, DC Lumby spoke to Councillors about the work being carried out with Donna Jones the new Police and Crime Commissioner.  DC Lumby is still continuing to try and engage with the Enforcement Team at WCC concerning cases in Upham.  DC Lumby urged Councillors to look at the Boundary Commission Review as the Meon Valley is being broken up.

Neighbourhood Watch

Cllr Croucher gave a Neighbourhood Watch Report informing Councillors that there has been a recent robbery at the lower end of Upham Street and 2 vehicles have been broken into in Upham.  A Covid vaccine scam is circulating and there is a Seat Belt Campaign being held at the moment.

Eastleigh Borough Council Local Plan

A response will be agreed to the Eastleigh Borough Council Local Plan – Consultation on Main Modifications from Upham Parish Council.

South Downs National Park

Cllr Halsall gave a Report on the South Downs National Park Parish Workshop.  The main item discussed was the Nature Recovery Programme and the main ways that the SDNP were promoting this initiative was through Campaigns, Pop-up Exhibitions and new Leaflets

Winchester City Council

The Clerk attended a WCC Parish Council Briefing.  The issues discussed included the Council Plan for 2021-25, the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee Celebrations on 2nd – 5th June, 2022.  The SHEELA sites will be considered which have been put forward for the new Local Plan, there was an update on Covid-19, the Economy, Carbon Neutrality, Budget Planning and then any questions were answered from parishes.

Bottle Banks

Cllr Dalley brought attention to the County and District Councillors about the removal of the glass bottle banks in Bishops Waltham.  He said that this makes it difficult to find a bottle bank near, which really defeats the purpose of trying to recycle locally.

Torbay Farm

Cllr Croucher reported that the T-bar has been placed on the landscape bin at Torbay Farm.  The hedge has been topped and Steve Comley will be asked about taking out the shrubs at the entrance to the play area and green and putting turf on the area.

Recreation Ground

Cllr Croucher gave a report on the Recreation Ground which included some maintenance issues.  A Pavilion Sub Committee Meeting was also given which included maintenance items which have been addressed or are going to be addressed by UFC over the summer break.


A Financial Report was given by the Clerk for June.

Village Hall

Cllr Dalley gave a Village Hall Report informing Councillors that a new Booking Clerk has been appointed, the website is being updated with photographs, the heat pump Contract has been signed and work starts on 26th July.

The next 2 Parish Council Meetings will be held on Monday 26th July, 2021 and Monday 27th September, 2021 (No Meeting in August).

Clerk:                   Mrs Anne Collins

Telephone:           01489 860236

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