Meeting Report, Monday 27th April 2020

Upham Parish Council held their Monthly Parish Council Meeting on Monday 27th April, 2020 via a Conference Call due to coronavirus which meant that a Public Meeting had to be cancelled and it was agreed that it was in the best interests of residents to continue to hold a Meeting.

Cllr Halsall (Chair), Cllr Ashe, Cllr Snowdon, Cllr LeMay, Cllr Dalley, Cllr Croucher, District Councillor Lumby and Mrs Anne Collins (Clerk) were involved in the Conference Call.

County Councillor Humby and District Councillor Ruffell were not involved in the Conference Call, but did send Reports and Updates throughout the month.


Cllr Snowdon said that there has been another accident at the Mortimers Lane junction which caused damage to The Cedars.  The Police were called, and HCC are investigating.  During this current crisis Councillors were concerned that vehicles were going faster on the roads as there was less traffic.  This appears to be a general problem around the district.  No more progress has been made on the improvements to the Winchester Road.


Cllr Ashe gave an update on the broadband upgrading in Upham.  Once orders can be placed a notification will go onto the website and on commshub so that residents are aware.

Eastleigh Local Plan

An update was given on the Inspector’s letter regarding the Eastleigh Local Plan.  We are now waiting for the full Report.  There is a webinar planned for this Wednesday which residents can register for.

Upham Pond

3 quotes have been asked for to fell the trees around Upham Pond.  Once the quotes have been received, Councillors will agree on which to accept and work will hopefully commence.


Upham Parish Council has received information throughout the month on the Coronavirus emergency, and useful information has been put on the website and/or commshub.  We have received ideas from residents, which include a way of collating kindness and present them in some way – perhaps on the website/commshub, and also as many residents are de-cluttering at the moment it was suggested that perhaps unwanted items could be put outside of driveways/doors for anyone to pick up if they wish.  A suggestions was made that the old telephone box outside the Brush could be used to swap DVD’s, books etc.

Neighbourhood Watch

Cllr Croucher said that the main area of concern regarding Neighbourhood Watch is the scams that are circulating at the moment.  Information has been put into Upham Update so that residents can be made aware of them.

Recreation Ground

Cllr Halsall is going to get in touch with Scandor with a view to getting the new piece of play equipment almost to the installation stage so that it can be installed once the lockdown on play areas is lifted.

Upham Primary School

Councillors heard that Upham Primary School staff have been working hard with young children to encourage them to do their work which has been set by the teachers.  This enthusiasm from the staff has been appreciated and the Clerk was asked to write and thank Mr Woolley and his staff for their tremendous efforts during this crisis.

Village Hall

Cllr Dalley reported that the ditch outside of the Village Hall will be cleared.

Financial Report

A Financial Report was given by the Clerk for April. The Internal Audit Report was approved by Councillors, along with the Annual Governance Statement for 2019-20 and the Accounting Statement for 2019-20 ready to be sent off to the External Auditor.

The next Parish Council Meeting will be on Monday 18th May, 2020 and this will be held via Microsoft Teams or Zoom. 

Clerk:                   Mrs Anne Collins

Telephone:           01489 860236

E-mail address:

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