Meeting Report Monday 26th April, 2021

Upham Parish Council held their Monthly Parish Council Meeting on Monday 26th April, 2021 virtually due to the coronavirus emergency which meant that a Public Meeting was not possible, but it was in the best interests of residents to continue to hold a Meeting.  Cllr Halsall (Chair), Cllr Ashe, Cllr LeMay, Cllr Croucher, Cllr Snowdon, Cllr Dalley, District Councillor Ruffell and Mrs Anne Collins (Clerk) were involved in the Meeting.

County Councillor Humby and District Councillor Lumby sent their apologies


Cllr Snowdon gave a report on the progress made regarding the landscaping and highways improvements along the Winchester Road.  The area from the former Woodman and the Village Hall along the Winchester Road will be looked at in more detail as this area will have the most impact.  More trees can be placed on the Winchester Road by HCC Highways and it is hoped that the gateway signs will be installed ready for the Autumn.  Road markings and resurfacing work is being carried out by HCC at the moment.  Flooding on Upham Street is still causing problems and affected residents are being contacted by the Flood Management Team to try and resolve the issues.  Councillors agreed that a second SID sign will be purchased to help with speed monitoring within Upham.

Flooding at Torbay Farm

DC Lumby was not able to attend the Meeting and sent no further update on flooding issues at Torbay Farm.  Some residents within Torbay Farm have asked why the Pond is dry yet some gardens are water-logged.  Councillors agreed that this is a question for Bargate Homes from the Management Company.

Pond Working Group

The Upham Pond Working Group has been carrying out some work at the Pond and the telephone box will be repainted during the spring/summer.  Ivy climbing up the horsechestnut tree in the triangle where the seat is sited has been reported and this will be looked at by the Group to see if the ivy should be removed.

Neighbourhood Watch

Cllr Croucher gave a Neighbourhood Watch Report informing Councillors that and there is a suspicious light blue van which has been seen in the Upham area recently.  A NHW volunteer has been found for the Torbay Farm area.  Stables are being broken into and tack stolen, residents are asked to be vigilant.

Torbay Farm

Dog fouling has been a problem in the green space/play area at Torbay Farm so signs have been put up to ask dog owners to pick up after their dogs.  The Clerk has asked for a T-bar to be put onto the landscape bin so that it can be fully emptied each time.  Residents have asked if the shrubs at the entrance to the green space could be turfed over with perhaps some bulbs planted as it is full of weeds and has not been maintained.  Clerk will write to Bargate and ask if they would do this.

Village Design Statement

Cllr Halsall reported that the Village Design Statement Working Group have sent out surveys and some have been returned.  However, many more surveys need to still be returned.  After attending a SDNP Dark Skies Webinar recently Cllr Dalley asked if this is something that could be considered within the new VDS.  Councillors agreed that this should be included.

Emergency Plan

There were no more issues for the Emergency Plan regarding the Covid-19 emergency.  Janet Dunford thanked Parish Councillors for nominating the Community Group for the Mayor of Winchester Award – this was very much appreciated.  Trevor Scott was also nominated from Upham Parish Council for all his work with the Tree Project and at Upham/Slash Pond.  Trevor also sent his thanks to the Parish Council for his nomination.

VE Commemorations

As time has gone on the VE Commemorations look to be taking a different path so Janet Dunford will be contacted to see what is proposed.

Village Litter Pick

Cllr Halsall reported that the Village Litter Pick went well this year with all roads and lanes picked.  Thank you to all those who volunteered and helped.

Dark Skies

Cllr Dalley attended a SDNP Webinar on Dark Skies and sent a report round to Councillors.


Cllr Halsall gave a Pavilion Sub Committee Meeting Report of a Meeting held on 23.3.21.

Financial Report

A Financial Report was given by the Clerk for April.

Councillors agreed the Internal Audit Report, Annual Governance Statement and Accounting Statement for 2020-21.  These will be signed by the Chair and the Clerk and then sent off for the External Audit. 

The next 2 Parish Council Meetings will be held on Monday 24th May, 2021 and Monday 28th June, 2021. 

Clerk:                   Mrs Anne Collins

Telephone:           01489 860236

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