Meeting Report, Monday 24th May 2021

Upham Parish Council held their Monthly Parish Council Meeting on Monday 24th May, 2021 virtually due to the coronavirus emergency which meant that a Public Meeting was not safe to hold in Upham Village Hall, but it was in the best interests of residents to continue to hold a Meeting.  Cllr Halsall (Chair), Cllr Ashe, Cllr Croucher, Cllr Snowdon, Cllr Dalley, County Councillor Humby, District Councillor Ruffell, District Councillor Lumby and Mrs Anne Collins (Clerk) were involved in the Meeting.  One resident also attended.

Cllr LeMay sent her apologies.

At the start of the Meeting Cllr Halsall congratulated CC Humby on his recent re-election as our County Councillor.  DC Lumby was also congratulated on being elected as a County Councillor for an adjoining Division.


Cllr Snowdon gave a report on a Meeting which was held on 19th May to discuss the options for planting within the landscaping plans for the Winchester Road.  Councillors agreed these proposals, along with planting at the end of Sciviers Lane.  Verge cutting will need to be discussed with HCC to ensure that wild-flower areas are not cut.  Flooding in Upham Street is still being pursued with the Flood Management Team at HCC.  UPC are supporting HCC in their efforts to try and resolve this issue before the winter weather is here again.  HCC have written to some residents who might be affected and UPC urge these residents to respond to HCC before 7th June so that investigations can be analysed.    A second SID sign will be purchased to display in Upham.  Cllr Dalley is continuing to seek quotes for the replacement bus shelters along the Winchester Road. 

DC Lumby had no further information on the flooding in Torbay Farm, but will visit the area after this recent wet weather and see what the current situation is.

Upham Pond

The Upham Pond Working Group is continuing work to enhance this area of Upham.  A grass cutting programme will be agreed with the Group and Steve Comley will be asked to quote for this work.

Village Design Statement

Cllr Halsall reported that the Village Design Statement Working Group is making progress and are now analysing the 17 surveys which have been completed.  A Public Meeting will be arranged to draw out any common themes from residents.

VE Day Commemorations

Cllr LeMay sent a Report to Councillors stating that the VE Day Commemorations have now been updated, and it is hoped that the exhibition, with teas etc, will be held over the weekend of 7th/8th May, 2022 and the 1940’s Dance will be rolled into the Platinum Jubilee celebration on Saturday 4th June, 2022.

Southern Parishes Group

The Southern Parishes Group Meeting was attended by Cllr Croucher, Cllr Dalley and the Clerk.  The main Speaker was Inspector Korine Bishop who informed the Group about what work the police carry out in the rural areas.  Korine was a very inspiring Speaker.  Other issues discussed included an Update on HALC and Planning Training with SDNP/WCC Planning Officers.

Financial Report

A Financial Report was given by the Clerk for May.

Traffic Alerts

Cllr Dalley is reviewing how to communicate traffic alerts to residents via the website and commshub.

HCC Full Council meeting

CC Humby informed Councillors that HCC have a Full Council Meeting shortly and decisions will be made about the positions Councillors will hold.  The affect on the Budget due to Covid will also need to be discussed.

DC Ruffell and DC Lumby sent a May, 2021 Report to Councillors prior to the Meeting.  They also informed UPC that they had been invited to view the new leisure facilities in Winchester.  DC Ruffell offered to follow up on some enforcement issues in Upham.

Neighbourhood Watch

Cllr Croucher gave a Neighbourhood Watch Report informing Councillors that recent scams circulating are pretending to be from the Police and Royal Mail.  Residents should not engage in any way with these scams.

Torbay Farm

Dog fouling has reduced in Torbay Farm Green/play area which is great.  Bargate Homes and WCC have no objections to some shrubs being removed and replanted with bulbs and turf at the entrance to the Green/play area.  Cllr Croucher will follow this up with residents.

Councillors were disappointed that UPC was not informed that the shared-ownership property in Torbay Farm was being sold.  As this was built for Upham residents to have the opportunity of purchasing such a property it was disappointing that advertising had taken place outside of the area before Upham residents were given the opportunity to make enquiries.  We have now advertised the details of the property on the Upham village website and also on commshub.

Village Hall

Cllr Dalley gave a Village Hall Report informing Councillors that a Contractor has been appointed to fit the new heat pump.  The Booking Agent has resigned so the Committee are looking for someone to take over this role.


The next 2 Parish Council Meetings will be held on Monday 28th June, 2021 and Monday 26th July, 2021.

Clerk:                   Mrs Anne Collins

Telephone:           01489 860236

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