Meeting Report, Mon 26th July

Upham Parish Council held their Monthly Parish Council Meeting on Monday 26th July, 2021 virtually due to the coronavirus emergency which meant that a Public Meeting was not safe to hold in Upham Village Hall, but it was in the best interests of residents to continue to hold a meeting.  Cllr Halsall (Chair), Cllr LeMay, Cllr Croucher, Cllr Snowdon, Cllr Dalley, District Councillor Lumby and Mrs Anne Collins (Clerk) were involved in the Meeting.  Apologies were received from Cllr Ashe, County Councillor Humby and District Councillor Ruffell.

Highways and landscaping

Progress has been made with the landscaping, gateway signs and other highways improvements along the Winchester Road.  A pilot scheme was agreed for areas to plant the wild flowers, and a second Speed Indicator Sign has been purchased.  Clerk will apply for the Funding which is available for the highways improvements and an Exhibition will be arranged for Saturday 2nd October from 10.00 – 12.00 noon in Upham Village Hall showing residents the scheme.  Bus shelter replacements are being looked into by Cllr Dalley.  Road name signs are being discussed for various locations in Upham. 

The Upham Pond Working Group are arranging a date to carry out work at the Pond and Steve Comley has been asked to do some maintenance work which has been agreed.


A report has been received from the Flood Management Team at HCC detailing their findings regarding the flooding at the lower end of Upham Street.  The Clerk will liaise with CC Humby to find out what HCC Highways are prepared to do and how they are going to work with the Flood Management Team.    

DC Lumby is still continuing to follow up the flooding issues at Torbay Farm where it appears that Sovereign Housing are not engaging with WCC so further letters will be written to try and resolve the problems with flooding.

Village Design Statement

Cllr Halsall said that the Updating of the Village Design Statement is continuing to make progress and Richard Green has been working hard compiling information.  It is hoped that an Event for residents can be held at Upham Village Hall on Saturday 2nd October to run alongside the Highways Exhibition.

Winchester City Council

DC Ruffell and DC Lumby sent a July, 2021 Report to Councillors prior to the Meeting.  DC Lumby informed Councillors about cctv cameras which were being placed at fly tipping “hot spots” to try and catch the culprits.  A tree in Upham Street which is causing concern will be followed up by DC Lumby.

Neighbourhood Watch

Cllr Croucher gave a Neighbourhood Watch Report.  A volunteer Co-ordinator has been found for the Torbay Farm area, and a Newsletter has been circulated to all residents in Torbay Farm.

Southern Parishes Meeting

Cllr Croucher gave a Report on the recent Southern Parishes Meeting which included Parish Council Training with the Planning Teams within WCC and SDNP.  An Update from HALC was also given.

Recreation Areas

Councillors agreed that Steve Comley will take out the shrubs and bark at the entrance to the play area green at Torbay Farm and will turf this area so that bulbs could be planted.  A tree which has died will be taken out and possibly replaced. 

A Site Meeting was held to discuss the repairs needed to the rotating swing at the Recreation Ground.  Further quotes will be sought.  A replacement bench was agreed, along with some of the stepping blocks which need replacing.

An enquiry was received to ask if a replacement bench seat could be placed along the footpath from the Recreation Ground.  As the bench will be in the same position and the landowner is agreeable Clerk will write and thank the donor for this generous offer.  Another offer was made to replace the seat further along the footpath and this was also agreed.

Upham Primary School

Cllr Snowdon reported that Upham Primary School has now broken up for the summer term.  Councillors agreed that the Headteacher and staff have worked very hard throughout this difficult year to keep the education of children continuing.  Cllr Halsall proposed that the Clerk write and thank the Headteacher and staff for all their hard work and dedication throughout this year.

Village Hall

Cllr Dalley gave a Hall Report and said that agreement has been reached to lay artificial grass on the play area, tree work is to be carried out in the car park, and a possible new committee member will be approached.  The Yoga and Pilates are continuing to use the Hall and the Terms and Conditions have been updated to reflect the latest Covid-19 regulations.  It was agreed that Cllr Dalley would ask the Management Committee if they could publicise the classes etc. that are being held in the Hall.


A Financial Report was given by the Clerk for July.

The next two Parish Council Meetings will be held on Monday 27th September, 2021 and Monday 25th October, 2021. 

Clerk:                   Mrs Anne Collins

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