Broadband – Public Meeting

Wednesday 22nd November 7pm

at Upham Village Hall

Upham Parish Council have invited a representative from BT Openreach and a representative from the HCC Broadband Programme to come to Upham and inform residents of the options available to receive a better Broadband service and to answer your questions.

Come and hear what BT Openreach have to say, and the options available both long and short term.

Everyone is welcome

4 Responses to Broadband – Public Meeting

  1. David Ashe 5 November, 2017 at 9:35 pm #

    Hi Newton
    You are right to point out that the cabinet is at best a partial solution in that it will only provide ‘superfast’ (which for most will be ‘just’ 25MB) within 1.2km and worse it appears that much of the infrastructure is not copper but aluminium.

    Outside the 1.2km is what Openreach term the ‘intervention zone’ and part of the meeting on 22nd November will be a discussion of how Openreach can provide a better service to this area, in the medium term.

    This could involve an FTTP proposal via an overhead fibre, and may require individual properties to contribute.

    Getting Openreach interested in partly funding/delivering a ‘beyond superfast’ proposal for the area within 1.2km of the cabinet may be a tougher task until the superfast programme is completed, but it would be great to know whether there is a demand for this at a cost.

    • Dermot Flaherty 6 November, 2017 at 12:22 pm #

      Just a couple of points David.
      The “intervention zone” will be that region outside Superfast (>=24Mbps) speeds and because of the mix of copper and aluminium, the effective radius of that regioin will probably be less than the often quoted 1.2km.
      So all the more reason for us to understand what might be possible through community match funding efforts etc. to bring Superfast and above speeds to those of us who will not gain any significant benefit (or indeed any benefit at all) from the current fibre-enablement of the cabinet on the main road.
      And as Jenni has pointed out, the November 22nd meeting will now be held in teh Village Hall rather than the school.

  2. jenni 5 November, 2017 at 3:07 pm #

    Hi Newton,

    The meeting was originally going to be held at the school, but has since been changed to the hall.

  3. Newton Astbury 5 November, 2017 at 1:14 pm #

    Good afternoon. A couple of years back I tried to garner support to establish a community interest company to provide improved broadband services. Unfortunately at the time there was insufficient support.
    I am encouraged that we now have the prospect of additional fibre access, and there by greater bandwidth, to the village, but am concerned that the solution proposed by Openreach will not be future proof. With the installation of a fibre cabinet at the end of Upham Street, we may have an opportunity to influence a better solution. As described in the current issue of Upham Update, this cabinet will only benefit households within 1.2 km as the solution utilises existing copper infrastructure to provide connectivity to the property. This has a finite bandwidth limited by distance. If there is sufficient demand from residents, we should be asking Openreach for a proposal to provide fibre to the property (FTTP). This would enable speeds of up to 1GB vis a vis the proposed 100MB for those closest to the cabinet; considerably less for those at distance.
    Could I please ask residents to post comments here in order to have an idea of demand for a better solution ahead of the meeting on 22 Nov?
    Could the originator of this post please confirm whether the meeting is at the village hall as above, or at Upham School as per the current edition of Upham Update?
    Kind Regards, Newton Astbury